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  • The innovative multi-award-winning energy saving additive for water heating systems


  • Simply, the moment you fire your boiler, EndoTherm reduces the fuel required by decreasing the water tension by 60% creating a greater thermal contact area.


  • Simply, the moment you fire your boiler EndoTherm ensures you are getting the full potential from your heating system.
How it works
Reduces water surface tension

EndoTherm contains an innovative formula which reduces the surface tension of water by over 60% creating a greater thermal contact area in your heating system.

Boiler heats up quicker

With a greater thermal contact area, EndoTherm improves the nucleate heat transfer allowing your boiler to heat the water to its set temperature more rapidly. (Less fuel used)

Radiator conduction

Where the heated water is conducted via radiators, air handling units or similar technologies, the heat transfer is accelerated so hitting your set temperatures quicker. (Less fuel used)

Boiler fires less

Continual enhanced heat transfer maintains the set temperatures for longer, so increasing your heating systems cycle lengths, therefore reducing the number of times the boiler fires. (Less fuel used)

Increases condensate heat recovery

Greater heat transfer lowers the water temperature returned to the boiler creating increased levels of condensate. This generates more latent heat and less heat lost through the flue system. (Less fuel use)

Fuel Poverty

By reducing fuel usage by up to 15% per accommodation unit, EndoTherm is helping housing associations and councils to reduce the fuel poverty gap by up to 23% and help take low income households out of fuel poverty.* 2017 Trivallis report

Carbon Reduction Targets

Meeting demanding CO2 emission reductions effect all of us. Whether you are involved in business or community EndoTherm is a perfect solution in demonstrating your concern for the environment and planet. Every Kwh of energy avoided by using EndoTherm saves 0.185kg Co2.

Independently Proven

Savings of up to 15% proven by a leading R&D laboratory.

Easy to Install

EndoTherm can be installed in just 15 mins

Non – Corrosive

EndoTherm is non – corrosive and has slight inhibitor properties

100% Organic

EndoTherm is made from 100% organic materials.


EndoTherm is suitable for wet-based central heating systems.

And British

EndoTherm is developed and manufactured in the UK.

EndoTherm has been installed in all types of residential and commercial properties, from social housing, NHS hospitals, leisure centres to schools and museums. If you would like further information on the product then download our brochure today.

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Energy saving additive for Cooling systems Product now available for pilot trials. Please contact Ben for further information.