EndoTherm reduces your energy costs by up to 15% - Ben Frost
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EndoTherm reduces your energy costs by up to 15%

EndoTherm reduces your energy costs by up to 15%

Ben Frost Procurement are now Partners for EndoTherm the innovative multi-award-winning energy saving additive for water heating systems.

Quickly calculate what 10% of your annual heating bill is and then add half this figure again. That number is the potential savings this product is capable of delivering. If these types of savings could help your business then please get in touch Ben Frost

Simply, the moment you fire your boiler, EndoTherm reduces the fuel required by decreasing the water tension by 60% and creating a greater thermal contact area.

This product helps address rising energy prices, Co2 emissions and fuel poverty by allowing your heating system to work more efficiently.

The performance has been verified by the Energy Savings Trust. Worcester, ideal boilers and Fernox and Sentinal all confirm compatibility.

It is the CIBSE Energy Saving Product of the year 2016 and piloted or installed by Sainsbury, RBS, Wakes and the Guinness partnership to name a few of many.

To learn more, message me at LinkedIn Ben Frost

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